Penetrated [verb]

Definition of Penetrated:

pierce; get through physically

Synonyms of Penetrated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetrated:

Sentence/Example of Penetrated:

It couldn't be worse than some of the alleys at home which she had penetrated.

These roots were Stigmaria, and the stuff into which they penetrated was an underclay.

Now Mike had determined to keep from the girl the fact that he had penetrated her disguise.

It turned out that a splinter of iron wire had penetrated the core.

Until now the enormity of his offence had not penetrated her understanding.

When Arthur reached home, the news had penetrated there also.

This time Pierre, penetrated by disquietude, wished to approach and question him.

But now that my disguise had been penetrated, my old fears were renewed.

These were penetrated with sliding shutters, which stood open.

They had penetrated the mists of alcohol, and stirred a belated contrition.