Penetrates [verb]

Definition of Penetrates:

pierce; get through physically

Synonyms of Penetrates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetrates:

Sentence/Example of Penetrates:

There is here a feeling of peace and happiness which penetrates the soul.'

Mud is stirred up, flows, rises and penetrates in all directions.

As soon as it touches it it penetrates it and the coagulation which we have mentioned is produced.

Internationalism is an idea that penetrates all other practical ideas.

Neither politics, literature, nor anything modern ever penetrates there.

It is also less because the air cannot penetrate the carbons as it penetrates a flame.

We find life in caves where not a ray of light ever penetrates.

He penetrates to the root of the art at one step of his eagle eye.

It penetrates solely by pushing the tissues aside in all directions.

It penetrates the brine-soaked soil and wells turn brackish.