Penetrating [adjective]

Definition of Penetrating:

stinging, harsh

Synonyms of Penetrating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetrating:

Sentence/Example of Penetrating:

And have you not before now said, that nothing is so penetrating as the eye of a lover who has vanity?

It was a luxury so penetrating and powerful that it affected him like an opiate.

He was losing all assurance, both fear and rage were penetrating him.

With his death from the penetrating gas, something had gone wrong with the engine.

They left the choice to her penetrating wit, and her tried discretion.

He had a smooth, angular face, black hair and black, penetrating eyes.

Possibly a penetrating lethal gas that will be forced into the interior.

Pascal fixed a penetrating look on the madwoman, and then on his father and uncle.

Safe in her room, Bobinette experienced a strange, a penetrating emotion.

It seemed as though a dozen needles were penetrating little by little into his flesh.