Penetratingly [adverb]

Definition of Penetratingly:

without any doubt

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetratingly:

Sentence/Example of Penetratingly:

The Assessor riveted his deep eyes searchingly and penetratingly on Eva.

"But the funniest thing of all," Jed said, and looked at Cal quickly, penetratingly.

The child looked in his father's eyes strangely, penetratingly.

At length he spoke, quietly, yet so penetratingly that every syllable reached his audience.

Minna was startled at a glance so penetratingly thrown into her mind.

His laughing eyes could be sharp; they were penetratingly sharp now.

He looked questioningly, penetratingly, into the girl's distressed face.

The colonel again regarded him penetratingly, and then got into the cab.

"One minute," said the Voice, penetratingly, tremulous with self-control.

The sun is up there, above him; he feels pouring upon him, penetratingly, its hot life.