Penetration [noun]

Definition of Penetration:

act of entering

Synonyms of Penetration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penetration:

Sentence/Example of Penetration:

How it came, how it was passed from hearth to hearth, defied our penetration.

His eyes were the eyes of a scholar, dreamy yet alive with depth and penetration.

She broke off suddenly, looking at him, her eyes a pair of gimlets now for penetration.

You do no credit to your own penetration, dear Mr. Ferdinand, if you deny it.

During his reign the problem of Turkish penetration was taken in hand.

I merely include it to prove that I was not entirely lacking in penetration.

However we doubt, there is a mystery beyond our penetration.

"Nothing escapes your honour's penetration," answered the vizier.

"That's the entrance to the fold," said Jack to himself, delighted with his penetration.

They snicker at my graftin', and I laugh in my sleeve, I guess, at their penetration.'