Penetrative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Penetrative:

A penetrative word or a heroic gesture might lose them the day.

The pleading was crafty, and it was penetrative in the avoidance of stress.

She had at this another, but a sharper, of her penetrative pauses.

Hence the afterthought of the decorative but penetrative ironwork.

As a critic he was penetrative, comprehensive, and impartial.

You feel, with regard to the foregoing criticism, that it is as just as it is penetrative.

Her comments on people were saltily satiric and penetrative of accepted hypocrisies.

While speaking, he still bent his penetrative eye upon them, nor withdrew it till they had reached the bottom of the stairs.

It was a womans voice, rather low, but with a penetrative quality in it: a peculiar voice, both in timbre and intonation.

After a series of penetrative flashes, flattering to her intelligence the more startling they were, reflection was exhausted.