Peninsula [noun]

Definition of Peninsula:

projecting mass of land

Synonyms of Peninsula:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peninsula:


Sentence/Example of Peninsula:

They were on a peninsula, as it were, while the soldiers were securing the isthmus.

On them were engraved in gilt letters, "The Peninsula" and "Waterloo."

Diarrhœa and dysentery were already sending many of them from the Peninsula.

The war with the Turks on the Peninsula became purely a war of tactics.

The Division remained on the Peninsula until the 29th December.

The country of the Goajires is a peninsula of Colombia bordering on Venezuela.

All these orders had convents in the principal towns of the Peninsula, and its colonies.

It is a race as to whether this peninsula will be captured by communism or capitalism.

Philip knew these relatives well: they ramify, if need be, all over the peninsula.

Freetown, the capital, is built on a peninsula about eighteen miles long.