Penitence [noun]

Definition of Penitence:

shame, sorrow

Opposite/Antonyms of Penitence:

Sentence/Example of Penitence:

In vain the Woman Perfect struggled to subdue her mirth to penitence.

I despatched the note, and she was full of penitence, and gratitude, and tears.

The mother forbade me the house, nor did Jean show that penitence that might have been expected.

Repent, and we will laugh at your penitence as a shallow deception.

It must not be by our means; nay, if we could win him back to penitence, we should be bound to love him yet.

I could not drive the vision away—the lovely, pleading face, the penitence.

This sermon, which was upon fasting and penitence, terrified them.

It was not in such a nature to know a gentle mood of penitence for a wrong done.

Can you get all your arrears of penitence done up in six weeks, Sally?

This gave me some little hope, for I detected in it the beauty of penitence.