Penitentiary [noun]

Definition of Penitentiary:


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Sentence/Example of Penitentiary:

Were they all mad—was he not standing with one foot in the penitentiary?

He is to be beaten, understand, if we have to send him to the penitentiary on an old issue to do it.

But the ‘strays’ are ‘crooks,’ and their homes the penitentiary.

By his own admission he was against the law, a “crook,” and—the penitentiary was looming.

“If all we hear is true, his end will be the penitentiary,” she declared with decision.

I tell you if Charlie goes to the penitentiary I go with him.

If she does not go to the penitentiary, there are no bottles of beer and there is no beer-opener.

He declared the whole affair was “framed up” to send him to the penitentiary.

I do not hesitate to say that if you had your deserts you would be in the Penitentiary.

Such a thing had never been known in the penitentiary's history before.