Penknife [noun]

Definition of Penknife:

knife with folding blade

Synonyms of Penknife:

Opposite/Antonyms of Penknife:


Sentence/Example of Penknife:

She shut the penknife which lay upon the table, and put it into her pocket.

Cut off as much of it as is soft with a penknife or scissors.

The husband mused and twirled his penknife between a finger and thumb.

Henry would have given his penknife not to have written that essay.

Once when Drury cut his thumb with a penknife he fainted at the sight of his own blood!

"I have got a sharper knife," said he, drawing his penknife out of his pocket.

With his penknife he slit the envelope open, and looked inside.

It was made by his own hands with a penknife during the hours allotted to him for rest.

And with the point of a penknife she pulled out the little leaden shot.

So many things can be constructed with them by the help of a penknife and liquid glue.