Penmanship [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Penmanship:

He asked me to judge the writer's character from the penmanship.

You are to come three nights a week, for lessons in arithmetic and penmanship.

We have prepared, for home study, books on bookkeeping, penmanship and shorthand.

Penmanship has always been one of my own deficiencies, and I know how to sympathize with you.

She did; and it affected his penmanship so that the writing grew wabbly.

There are no other specimens of his penmanship in existence.

Haven't you got a sample of your father's penmanship anywhere, Hiram?

Bosco Blithers, professor of penmanship and author of “Pot-hooks and Hangers.”

I never met his equal in penmanship, drawing, and designing.

If you have got any specimens of penmanship of real merit, trot them out!