Pension [noun]

Definition of Pension:

benefits paid after retirement

Synonyms of Pension:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pension:


Sentence/Example of Pension:

The practical result of the Ode was a pension of 200 a year conferred on him by Queen Anne.

I had no thought of this pension, at all, in coming up to town.

This was the last I had seen of my ticket, and almost the last I had thought of my pension.

Sir William's pension of L1200 a year ceased with his death.

He's got one eye out; lost it lookin' fer a pension, I believe.

In his later years a pension of two hundred pounds was granted him.

Why, I've got nothing but my pension and three thousand India stock!

Burke's quarrel with Hamilton ended in his resigning his pension.

The king and court would see him and hear his story, and gave him a pension.

Was in the army long enough to get a pension of ninepence a day.