Pensive [adjective]

Definition of Pensive:

meditative, solemn

Synonyms of Pensive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pensive:

Sentence/Example of Pensive:

Do you see how pensive she is, with her cheek resting on her hand?

The pale beauty of her pensive face won her friends wherever she went.

Nothing could be firmer than the tone of this letter, in spite of its pensive gentleness.

Florence was pensive, and an air of painful depression hung about her.

When Macquart was on his rounds, she passed her time in lazy, pensive idleness.

A pensive quail piped an answer to the trilling call from the meadows.

"I wist I had a velehorsipede," he whispered, with a pensive air.

He lingered for a moment at the door, and looked back with a pensive expression.

I had spoken the truth, yet I had not told her all my reasons for being so pensive.

That quiet listener hears all, but seems in pensive reverie.