Pentagrams [noun]

Definition of Pentagrams:

five of something

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Sentence/Example of Pentagrams:

Then he calls a rat to gnaw a gap in the pentagram, and escapes.

"The virtues of the Pentagram endure," he said, with absolute self-possession.

Pentagram, pen′ta-gram, n. a five-pointed star: a magic figure so called.

In the centre of this pentagram was a circular disk of black stone, slightly saucer-shaped, with a small outlet in the middle.

The floor was of red lacquer, and in it was inlaid a pentagram the size of the room, made of wide strips of brass.

It was to the Pentagram Circle that I first broached the new conceptions that were developing in my mind.

By producing each side of this latter figure the five-pointed star (fig. 9), known as the pentagram, is obtained.

For you the circle has not been traced nor the pentagram fixed, for you no law has been thrust down.

Working together, we had once carved a pentagram in the side of this tree-trunk.