Peoples [noun]

Definition of Peoples:

human beings

Opposite/Antonyms of Peoples:

Sentence/Example of Peoples:

By these rules of conduct, we hope to be known to all peoples.

Yet each of these peoples has a history as noble as that of which the rose and the lion are the emblems.

They tella me much other peoples no can understand hims too.

In a second room were to be found the histories of all the peoples on earth.

Unfortunately the peoples imitated the bad as well as the good.

Their work as colonists in teaching other peoples to live, and think and act as they did.

There are many words in these languages borrowed from other peoples.

It is hard to condense the social habits of peoples into a few dozen pages.

In which of these countries did the peoples become much like the Romans?

Relations between the two peoples have been strained before.