Peppering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Peppering:

He talked of peppering his people as I would talk of peppering a capon.

Maybe what she said to Pa made him go west after peppering your burglar.

It was coming down in torrents, peppering the roof and the windows.

That must be the identical rock he squatted under while the Bushmen were peppering him.

Life is peppering me with good things this year, I could not be more grateful.

Come this way, Sue, and Luke, do the best you can at peppering the canoe in front of us!

Followed such a peppering of that cliff as it had never had before.

And all these nice people who have been peppering us with shot thought we were the dynamiters.

Morel put up his umbrella, and took pleasure from the peppering of the drops thereon.

Dr. Solander, seeing this, gave him a peppering with small Shott, which sent him off and made them retire a Second time.