Peppy [adjective]

Definition of Peppy:

lively, vigorous

Synonyms of Peppy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peppy:

Sentence/Example of Peppy:

Miss Peppy said this with much solemnity, as if she were administering an oath.

“Glad to have them,” came the peppy voice back over the wire.

Peppy turned toward her companion with one of her clearest and most straightforward expressions.

Secretly, for it was not Peppy's way to take men into his confidence where it might be avoided, he got himself a coil of rope.

She asked if every one was out of the castle, and being assured that it was so, said, Is Peppy (her dog) safe?

The leader then started the meeting off with roll call and a peppy song to the tune of “America.”