Per [preposition]

Definition of Per:

for each

Synonyms of Per:

Opposite/Antonyms of Per:


Sentence/Example of Per:

The first of these motives is a stream of copious abuse, as in Per.

It is a fortunate grocer who is able to collect 80 per cent.

It gave a residue on ignition amounting only to 1.6 per cent.

This would be a sustaining capacity of 48 pounds per horsepower.

Here we have the equivalent of exactly 24 pounds per horsepower.

If we carry the election, your property will rise twenty per cent.

In 1810 there were 58,046, an increase of seventy-five per cent.

Why, the demand for eligible males is three hundred per cent.

There was no twenty-five per cent dirt admixture about it at all.

This represents as near 20 per mille of chlorine as possible.