Perambulating [verb]

Definition of Perambulating:

walk about

Synonyms of Perambulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perambulating:


Sentence/Example of Perambulating:

But never a salary day that the "white specter" did not perambulate.

If you will perambulate with me, I will present you to the bunch.

During the year they perambulate the country, drumming up pilgrims.

So after lunch I asked her to perambulate with me; and we perambulated.

His pleasing way is to perambulate the cars, leaving samples of his wares on all the seats and afterwards calling for orders.

At one time he was chosen among the selectmen to perambulate the town lines—an old annual custom.

And so Robert was bowed out, to perambulate the streets in rather bitter humour.

The members sometimes "perambulate the village, headed by the band of the Mangotsfield detachment of the Bristol Rifles."

The barber pointed out that it was no longer easy, as in the past, to perambulate the city without exciting suspicion.

In one of the cable tramway cars which, at a reverential pace, perambulate the city of Edinburgh, two citizens conversed.