Perceives [verb]

Definition of Perceives:

notice, see

Synonyms of Perceives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perceives:

Sentence/Example of Perceives:

For it perceives its object's little failings with a calm and judicial eye.

It is not sense which perceives, but reason which infers them.

He perceives that the sacrifice required is the sacrifice of himself.

They were just beginning to realise that the mind works when it perceives.

The first answer is, that he perceives sights with the eye, and sounds with the ear.

She is nevertheless in the body, and continues to animate it, but she perceives not her own action.

Apart from sins and virtues she perceives two things—caprice and free-will.

Is it that he perceives me nearer the goal than as yet I am aware?

He perceives this truth in the serenity of his soul and in the elevation of his mind.

He can make them get the lesson it is true, but he perceives perhaps that it is a weary task to them.