Perceptive [adjective]

Definition of Perceptive:

alert, sensitive

Synonyms of Perceptive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perceptive:

Sentence/Example of Perceptive:

But Joshua hoped the rest of the personnel were not so perceptive.

They speak to the perceptive faculties only: truth to the conceptive.

We tried to be perceptive of the needs of individual couples.

They educate, they exalt, they preserve; so that to profit by them we must be as perceptive as we can.

In what relation do the perceptive faculties stand to the expressive?

He contemplated me a bit; he was a perceptive and I knew it.

Thorndyke was a telepath and Officer Gruenwald was perceptive.

A Candle: Education of the sensory and perceptive faculties.

Man's spiritual longings are infinite, his perceptive faculties are limited.

Death of all of the perceptive elements of the retina eventually occurs.