Percepts [noun]

Definition of Percepts:

practice, tradition

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Opposite/Antonyms of Percepts:

Sentence/Example of Percepts:

You look at a watch which I hold before your eyes and secure a percept of it.

As we reflect and seek to correct this inadequacy, the percept changes on our hands.

The percept is, and remains, a private and an individual matter.

The percept has an aggressiveness which does not belong to the image.

A percept is "that which is perceived; the object of the act of perception."

A percept can be described by particulars; a concept can be described only by generals.

A percept is: "the object of an act of perception; that which is perceived."

The Percept is the mental image of a real object—a particular thing.

But that percept hangs together with all our other physical percepts.

Then it is not to be doubted that it is characterised as percipient and percept.