Perceptual [adjective]

Definition of Perceptual:

concerning feelings and intuition

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Sentence/Example of Perceptual:

The perceptual image is likewise subject to similar limitations.

It suggests the power of making what is called a "perceptual inference."

The ideal has no perceptual value; it has no status in the world of the senses.

Shock and Awe impact on psychological, perceptual, and physical levels.

This is as true when the field is conceptual as when it is perceptual.

And yet in the Hegelian logic, the movement is always away from the perceptual experience toward the higher realm of the Idee.

These are my perceptual capital and my power of representation.

The perceptual object is the outcome of the habit of experience.

We have to investigate the general character of these perceptual objects.

The perceptual object is not primarily the issue of a judgment.