Percipient [adjective]

Definition of Percipient:

experienced, aware

Opposite/Antonyms of Percipient:

Sentence/Example of Percipient:

A private lady, Miss M. Telbin, acted as percipient, and I acted as agent.

These sets have to be learned by heart by the agent and the percipient.

Two or three days afterwards, the percipient happened to be in a tram.

Appears to possess a duality of cognitions, of percepts and of percipient.

Then it is not to be doubted that it is characterised as percipient and percept.

It was the experience of a child—it is reported by the percipient herself.

Nor is it percipient existence; for brutes share in this power.

All things exist as they are perceived; at least in relation to the percipient.

Can we discover any condition of the percipient which is common to all?

The figure, that is to say, was adapted to the percipient's environment.