Peremptoriness [noun]

Definition of Peremptoriness:


Synonyms of Peremptoriness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peremptoriness:

Sentence/Example of Peremptoriness:

"Come, Jimmy," said the master, with a touch of peremptoriness.

He spoke quite civilly, but the peremptoriness jarred on her.

Peremptoriness and fondness mingled both in his word and manner.

Then the faithful Sam revived his suit with some peremptoriness.

"I wish you to tell me," persisted Alexa, with a peremptoriness which came of the school-master.

Nettie's haste and peremptoriness were mixed, if it must be told, with a little resentment against the world in general.

“Don't go out, Ida,” he said, with a peremptoriness which sat strangely upon him.

And yet she had a curious impulse, an inner conviction that urged with a peremptoriness that over-rode subterfuge.

A deep, masculine voice, unmistakable in the peremptoriness of its command, sounded from the massed tangle of the hillside.

He spoke with peremptoriness, as he placed a chair for her feet, so that she might sit with her back to the loom.