Perennial [adjective]

Definition of Perennial:

enduring, perpetual; something long-lasting

Opposite/Antonyms of Perennial:

Sentence/Example of Perennial:

Bacon and greens and her perennial tea were good enough for her.

And for art-lovers, what perennial beauty of an antique art is here.

There is no sere and yellow leaf here—fruits and flowers are perennial.

Seed-time and harvest are perennial on these peculiar islands.

But for her son it still had all the misery of perennial newness.

Its influence is well nigh universal, and its benefits are perennial.

It is of perennial value, as truly applicable today as when first spoken.

The temper exhibited here will probably be perennial in the world.

The perennial garden was flourishing, and there was nothing to do.

The yard was only big enough for the perennial rubbish heap.