Perennials [noun]

Definition of Perennials:

organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom

Synonyms of Perennials:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perennials:


Sentence/Example of Perennials:

Cut down the stems of perennials which have done flowering, pull up annuals that are spent, and rake and clear the ground.

Shrubbery can be used in connection with perennials with most satisfactory results.

As will be seen, I have not in my borders a large assortment of perennials.

In sowing classify according to whether they are annuals or perennials.

Biennials, and also most perennials, must be raised every year to keep up the supply.

And as they sow themselves, people often mistake them for perennials.

Biennials and perennials should be sown before the middle of the month.

It was the time for bulbs to be in flower, and the spring perennials.

“Pronunciation is more important for me than perennials, if not so pleasant,” she said.

The bulbs and perennials sown the year before were an experiment.