Perfected [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Perfected:

But as no Art was ever invented and perfected at once; so it remain'd for Mons.

For with the aid of fire all things are possible, all arts are perfected.

These portraits are far removed, indeed, from the perfected woman that is to be.

The happiness of the duchess was perfected by the blessings granted to her in her family.

Than the perfected bliss that comes when the words have been spoken.

One regrets that he could not have lived to have seen it perfected.

The guns were always active, and their co-operation with the infantry was perfected.

To tell the truth, Nana perfected her education in nice style in the workroom!

And to men like him, I said, when perfected by years and education, and to these only you will entrust the State.

So, after consultation with Azuba, the arrangement was perfected.