Perfectionist [noun]

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In this way a man may be an Abolitionist, yet not a perfectionist in general.

Stevenson is a perfectionist, and that way lies madness for all save a few valiant spirits.

I was asked by my host, whether I did read or not, what appeared shortly before that in Noyse's "Perfectionist" against me.

"Yes, my friends do," admitted the perfectionist, with an accent that was supposed to be crushing.

Nor is humanity itself fitted for the kind of transformation which fills the dreams of the perfectionist.

A perfectionist, my guru was hypercritical of his disciples, whether in matters of moment or in the subtle nuances of behavior.

That doesn't mean he is a perfectionist in many things, that he etches as well as he paints, that he composes as well as he draws.

His rages, then, are the spasms of pain of a perfectionist wounded by imperfection.