Perfidies [noun]

Definition of Perfidies:


Opposite/Antonyms of Perfidies:

Sentence/Example of Perfidies:

My shame I might bear; I might wash it out in blood at the battle's front; but my perfidy!

His not having spoken of marriage may add to his perfidy, but can be no excuse for his conduct.

We had another instance, about this time, of the perfidy of Harlay.

The king and his mother were mortified by these evidences that their perfidy was suspected.

For even Delilah was a Philistine, and by her perfidy served her country.

No, Sir; but, lawyer as I am, there are depths of perfidy I'm not prepared for.

Most of them knew Tom Harris, and they regarded his neglect of them as perfidy.

The fearfulness of Gibson's perfidy was almost incomprehensible.

And as the tale was unfolded of Odette Rider's perfidy, Sam's eyes narrowed.

For many months Henry knew not, or refused to credit, his father-in-law's perfidy.