Perforate [verb]

Definition of Perforate:

make a hole in

Synonyms of Perforate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perforate:

Sentence/Example of Perforate:

They perforate the nose and ears, and put various ornaments into them.

Sometimes it is content to perforate them with a multitude of little holes.

Their only resort, therefore, was to perforate it with their tomahawks.

What if she perforate her big India-rubber ball with the points of the scissors?

There are some galleries which have taken more than 30 years to perforate.

It is also advisable to perforate in the south face of the trunk.

In case of a bore, you may retaliate, and perforate in your turn.

In the pelvis the acetabulum is perforate (in Echidna), as in Sauropsida.

They burst, as it were like a breaking wave, against the rocks that perforate the grass.

This custom is only for the men, as the women do not perforate their faces, but only their ears.