Perforation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Perforation:

The policeman tore off a page at the perforation, and handed it to Mr. Mix.

The perforation is the usual 12 and specimens are known entirely imperforate.

Some of both these values were issued with perforation late in 1857 or early in 1858.

In cases where ulceration and perforation have occurred, the odour is fæcal.

Where a perforation was not quite round, he touched it with his file.

The convenience of perforation was adopted at the same time.

The raising of the margins of the notch suggests a perforation.

This perforation is neatly made and about one-eighth of an inch in diameter.

The axis and perforation are at right angles to the plane of lamination.

There was no marked congestion or hemorrhage or perforation.