Performed [verb]

Definition of Performed:

carry out, accomplish

Opposite/Antonyms of Performed:

Sentence/Example of Performed:

This operation is performed by a female, with the aid of a stamp.

I believe it is the place where the rite of circumcision is performed.

This operation is performed by the aid of a punch and die fitted into a screw-press.

This process is performed by girls, with the aid of what is called a “bob” or “glazer.”

They performed their present office with integrity and judgment.

They were performed by those who could better wield the sword than the pen.

When the last case died, a free case again, I performed my own autopsy.

Handel's anthem was performed by 80 singers and 100 instrumentalists.

A series of concerts followed, at which various oratorios and other works were performed.

And I am very much obliged to you for the service you have performed.