Performs [verb]

Definition of Performs:

carry out, accomplish

Opposite/Antonyms of Performs:

Sentence/Example of Performs:

She has a boy who works with her and performs the rougher tasks.

When she performs in that way with her hands, you may swear she is didactic.'

You may be sure of that; but, as is always the case, it is gold which performs that miracle.

Arrange to pay your boy so much an hour for the duties he performs.

And it is with all the selfishness of the artist that it performs its usual operations.

The band that performs at a Munich beer-garden is not the sort of band that can be ignored.

Like Moore too, he both composes and performs his own songs.

This task De Foe performs with unequalled spirit and vivacity.

He is noiseless over his work, which he performs efficiently.

It has continuity and it performs functions and it is an historic entity.