Perfunctorily [adverb]

Definition of Perfunctorily:


Synonyms of Perfunctorily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perfunctorily:


Sentence/Example of Perfunctorily:

Renouard, perfunctorily, did see no reason why he should make a long stay.

He asked where she was going, a conventional question, perfunctorily put.

She moved about perfunctorily, with an air of preoccupation.

They tried him, formally if perfunctorily; he admitted his imposture, and begged for his life.

They applauded vociferously but perfunctorily, in order to appear to understand.

He ran, perfunctorily, through all the foolish turnings and windings of the maze.

He kissed her perfunctorily, and then turned to his letters.

She realised, perfunctorily, as the successful do, the blankness of defeat.

"Yes, and you used to be very rude," put in Kent perfunctorily.

Yet we had frequent evidence that cases were not dealt with perfunctorily.