Peri [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Peri:

Gulnare was represented by a girl with the body of a Peri and the soul of a poetess.

"I must congratulate you, Peri Banou," she said with sharp gayety.

Joe heard her and Peri sing and both were admitted in the choir.

Peri, didn't the—the Fat Woman ever tell you to respect your elders?

Don't you remember the grand Oriental ballet of the "Bulbul and the Peri?"

She looked as fair and fragile as a peri, and as free from mortal cares.

Bartja had no share in the corruption of that fiend in Peri's form.

In one a peri rides on a camel compounded of men and beasts.

"The Peri, of Glasgow, homeward-bound from Jamaica," he answered.

And now that we are on the Peri I mean to do all the thinking for you.