Perils [noun]

Definition of Perils:

danger, risk

Synonyms of Perils:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perils:

Sentence/Example of Perils:

The night is dark, and there is no knowing what troubles and perils we may meet with.

He wants to have it both ways, to have the splendours of success without the perils.

The perils I have already incurred may well convince you of this.

It was now that I began to know the perils attendant on a dramatic life.

He had cried "Peace," but the perils of protest were so many and so near.

Six perils may go past, but the seventh is sure to strike its mark.

All this coast is beset with perils and wrecks have been frequent.

Down into the valley they tore, for the worst of all perils was in pursuit.

Secondly, as regards the future, see from what perils I shall rescue him.

Had he actually gone off, leaving us all to the perils that were surrounding us?