Periphrastic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Periphrastic:

He might be described as the last of the periphrastic humorists.

The periphrastic tenses are formed on the same principles as in Mth.

Periphrastic epithets are part of the original and common stock of the Teutonic poetry.

Using these as auxiliaries the finite verb makes a whole series of periphrastic tenses.

In conversation they generally use a periphrastic epithet, such as the All-Good.

As poetry it does not measure up to Aasen; as translation it is periphrastic, arbitrary, not at all faithful.

When the present is found not to be distinctive enough, periphrastic forms come in.

This tendency, together with periphrastic instead of verbal conjugation, continued to the end.

In the provinces, where a periphrastic style is still cultivated, polemics are clothed in high-sounding phrases.

Coptic presents a remarkable contrast to Egyptian in the precision of its periphrastic conjugation.