Perished [verb]

Definition of Perished:

die, decline, decay

Synonyms of Perished:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perished:

Sentence/Example of Perished:

He was therefore condemned, and perished on the scaffold for the crime.

No fewer than 12,000 persons had perished in the sandjak of Philippopolis!

Send us back into our city, and keep us there immured until we have perished of hunger.

In the attacks upon the Malakand position, about 700 tribesmen had perished.

Had she, then, lost her way, or perished on that long journey from Riolama?

The thought that Rima had perished, that she was lost, was unendurable.

It was that half-witted lad then who had perished in the park.

Had it not been for this presence of mind in his son-in-law, Nelson must have perished.

Whole villages were depopulated, and about one-third of the people of England perished.

The remedy is, if you find him before he be perished, cut him close, as in the 11.