Perishes [verb]

Definition of Perishes:

die, decline, decay

Synonyms of Perishes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perishes:

Sentence/Example of Perishes:

It were sin, thought I, that my secret should perish with me.

If God withdrew His protecting hand, I should perish immediately.

Mr Verloc never meant Stevie to perish with such abrupt violence.

Leave Castell and rush for the waist of the ship and so perish, or stay and die there?

Like Elizabeth, her "memorial" is short, but it does not "perish with her."

The blessings of many who were ready to perish have rested upon them.

His great arrows of sunlight must do their work even if his friends should perish by them.

Every year natives are caught in storms, and some of them perish.

It is true that, as a general thing, they perish with equal suddenness.

Whence it comes to pass that all her gifts, elegancy, and graces corrupt and perish.