Perjure [verb]

Definition of Perjure:

give false testimony

Synonyms of Perjure:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perjure:

Sentence/Example of Perjure:

I thought he was willing to perjure himself because he had an affection for me.

He remembered the young clerk who had wanted to perjure himself for his sake.

Would you ask me to perjure my immortal soul to the world and to my God?

In Cork you shall be, if I have to perjure my soul to prove it!

I will not perjure myself at his bidding; but being with him, I will kneel to him unbidden.

If you question her you'll simply drive her to perjure herself.

"You want me to perjure myself and you 'want me to do it quick,'" she mimicked.

No, it was not that which caused you to perjure your plighted vows.

Not to swear, lest he perjure himself; to speak the truth from the heart.

If I perjure myself to save them from shame and ruin, will not God pardon me?