Perjured [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Perjured:

We were right, it seems, in putting some stress on that "perjured" when we first met it.

"You would be perjured in that case, sir," I rejoined, as haughtily.

They are poor, and must be perjured; they are half-famished, and of course they are infamous.

And all this I owe to that false, perjured woman that was my wife, and is your mistress.

Coleman was reported, by a perjured informer, to have asked.

He has made you out to be a perjured, wilful, cruel bigamist.

He said, "He would answer no perjured prelate in the nation."

Perhaps acquitted on a mere technicality of law or a perjured alibi.

He said it the day that perjured villain Pat Murphy killed my magpie.

It is because I perjured my soul, and have perjured my soul to deny it elsewhere, that I now dare to say it!