Perked [verb]

Definition of Perked:

seep, drip (liquid)

Synonyms of Perked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Perked:

Sentence/Example of Perked:

I squared my shoulders and as Hephzy would have said, "perked up" amazingly.

She chuckled, and Freddie, who had been wilting on the fender, perked up.

Jack perked up his nose and stared with his mouth wide open.

They perked their heads and looked at him inquiringly when it was gone.

But at my last words he perked up into a kind of startled slyness.

Ashton perked up his ears at the promise of a tunnel and kept his eye on his watch.

Silky perked up his ears and went to investigate the disturbance.

They perked up when I told them that the games were unmonitored.

Blue jays fluffed and perked and screamed in the hard-wood tops.

It seems to me if she was perked up some she might get a new hold on life.