Permanently [adverb]

Definition of Permanently:

for all time

Synonyms of Permanently:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permanently:


Sentence/Example of Permanently:

Can we expect that this will be suddenly and permanently altered?

If I get the wrong stuff in my eyes it will destroy them permanently.

The piling is left in permanently if it is not wanted again for use.

General Hastings was permanently disabled by a bullet wound in the leg.

But have we a right to infer that it will permanently assert itself?

Nothing can permanently prevent the operation of this first law of economics.

The expedition to Shropshire crippled the Basts permanently.

And in a few weeks he will go to Richmond to settle there permanently.

The American outlook will be permanently enlarged by this tremendous experience.

It was christened by Whittier with the poem which has permanently fixed its name.