Permeable [adjective]

Definition of Permeable:

absorbent, penetrable; penetrable; porous; allowing liquids or gas to pass through

Synonyms of Permeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permeable:


Sentence/Example of Permeable:

The substance of the wall seemed as permeable and yielding as light.

The mass was drained, and permeable to a fresh supply of water.

The chain of green bogs is a consequence of the stratum of permeable sand.

The membrane is, however, permeable to the constituents of sea water or to sugar.

Rock is permeable by water to a greater extent than is generally supposed.

These might all have been covered by the single word “permeable.”

He found that most of these membranes were permeable to the membranogenous solution.

The most permeable of the normal tissues are cartilage or gristle, and fat.

Such shouldst thou still become, thyself all permeable to a holier power!

It can be shown that glass is permeable to ether, and is therefore not an absolute non-conductor.