Permeate [verb]

Definition of Permeate:

filter, spread throughout

Synonyms of Permeate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permeate:

Sentence/Example of Permeate:

It is this which enables fire and air to permeate the flesh.

The fumes of bad tobacco and whisky began to permeate the closet.

When they are counted by hundreds, we can permeate and trim and compromise.

The truth that he taught was a truth that was to permeate every thought and every act of life.

The aromatic quality of the odours that permeate the air suggests that word.

Already the tantalizing odor of bacon was beginning to permeate the air.

It does not seem, like London smoke, to permeate and blend with the air.

We can stand it for a while, and it will permeate Jack's room and teach him the beauty of truth.

An atmosphere of constraint and shame seemed to permeate the room.

We have failed these 35 years to utilise our education in order to permeate the masses.