Permeated [verb]

Definition of Permeated:

filter, spread throughout

Synonyms of Permeated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permeated:

Sentence/Example of Permeated:

The Abbe knew it by the sweet influences which permeated him.

His soul was 'permeated with loveliness,' and asked no fragrance.

And yet it is that loveliness which has permeated and regenerated the miners themselves.

Since Montaigne wrote the first Essays, this Form has permeated every country.

It was the air of the sixteenth century which had permeated my every pore.

The spirit of the founder has permeated the institution even to the present time.

We view their acts through a medium which is permeated with religious ideas.

After about two years the Virus had permeated his System, and he was a regular Brahmsite.

It permeated every strand of the material of which the vehicle was constructed.

Humanitarianism has permeated our mores and has been a fountain of phrases.