Permeates [verb]

Definition of Permeates:

filter, spread throughout

Synonyms of Permeates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permeates:

Sentence/Example of Permeates:

It permeates them all, and renders possible all life activity and functioning.

It permeates everything and everybody, everywhere and always.

The genius of the artist, however, permeates the world on waves of light.

They have an unpleasant odor which permeates the rice field.

This one essence or Self (Atman) permeates the whole Universe.

From such a longing a new art that permeates our life has arisen.

There is in the universe an Aura which permeates all things and makes them what they are.

The latter, at any rate, permeates it in an alarming degree.

It is not the nature of the aristocrat that permeates the cottager, but the nature of the cottager that permeates the aristocrat.

It permeates all the worlds and at the same time is infinitely higher than they.