Permeating [verb]

Definition of Permeating:

filter, spread throughout

Synonyms of Permeating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permeating:

Sentence/Example of Permeating:

The work of our missionaries, however, is permeating all the strata of society.

Warmer grew the air with a languorous, permeating fragrance.

Then I was sensible of a permeating shadow, a darkness gentle and healing.

That there is a permeating spirit moving on all the events about mankind.

I was the immense, permeating idea of the ocean, the sun and the sky.

It is a moral miasma, the fumes of which are permeating all strata of society.

The colour was in the glass itself, permeating the mass (“pot-metal”).

Still, above all, and permeating every other interest, is the orange.

Its penetrating, permeating power was something, almost supernatural.

An unusual excitement was permeating his being; he could not account for how or why.