Permissible [adjective]

Definition of Permissible:

allowable, legal

Synonyms of Permissible:

Opposite/Antonyms of Permissible:

Sentence/Example of Permissible:

It is permissible to say that there is no such thing as punishment; there are only wrong results.

In a paper on his books, it is permissible to end with a bookish anecdote.

Reverie was not permissible for a hostess on her reception day.

Is what is permissible in Covent Garden, criminal in the city?

This was not permissible according to the notions of that time.

Whispering is not permissible in company, and it is not necessary in private.

After an evening's entertainment, it is permissible also to say "Good night" instead.

It is doubtful whether it is permissible under any circumstances.

The first may here is permissible; not so, however, the second, which should be can.

Great latitude is permissible in the strength of solution and density of current.